Healthy Decisions 

This talk covers understanding our brains and how they work. We cover information regarding the prefrontal cortex (PFC) of the brain.  In this talk, we discuss how important this area is in developing our personality as well as decision making. The students will also learn that this area of our brain is not fully developed until we are 27 years old. They will also learn about coping skills and how to manage their stress levels in a healthy way. This talk is typically given in Health Education Classes.


The Harmful Impact of Social Media on the Young Brain 

This talk is given to adults who work with teens and preteens with emphasis on parents of that particular age group.  We will cover the importance of having limited screen time and focus on what that looks like on the young brain. We will also talk about what the research has shown in social media leading to increased feelings of depression, anxiety, poor body image and loneliness with our youth. Then we will discuss the importance of knowing the password to your teen’s phone as well as why you should monitor their phone on a regular basis.


How to Identify A Healthy vs. An Unhealthy Relationship  

This talk will cover the seven hallmarks of what a healthy relationship looks like for teenagers today. We will identify the warning signs of an unhealthy relationship and help them recognize the difference between the two. We will also share some of our personal story in this talk, and explain what can happen when you ignore the warning signs. We will focus on developing their self esteem and self worth so they will not be drawn into unhealthy situations. 


Let’s Talk about the “S” Words

This talk centers around the topic of Self Harm and Suicide.  We will share our personal story of our son’s suicide along with identifying warning signs. There is also a strong focus on the connection between social media and their emotions. This will also cover why it’s so critical to find a trusted adult to talk to when they feel overwhelmed by life. We will discuss the “Not OK” App and why they might want to consider downloading that on their phone. This talk also covers other resources they can use when they feel they are going to harm themselves. They will leave them with a list of organizations they can call for help if they are suicidal.


Find Your Person

This talk goes into greater depth about the importance of finding a trusted adult in their life.  Some of the students struggle with trust based on a history of abuse or neglect at home.  However, we will work with them to identify someone outside of their own family who they can develop a relationship with. We will also teach them about the “Not OK” app and how they can have that person come to them when they are feeling hopeless. This single person can be a game changer in preventing suicide so we want to help them identify someone so they have a backup plan to keep them safe.


HOPE That Never Fails    

This is a faith based talk which centers around our personal story. We share information regarding our son Austin, as well as the details of the evening he took his life. We will cover the topic of our grief and how the body of Christ was there for us. We will also talk about why we established and how sharing our story has given us hope and strength to move forward.

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